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4 Simple Tips to Secure the Data on a Lost or Stolen Device

Our devices have been part of our daily lives that we grow a sentimental attachment to them. We often have the feeling of unease and anxiety if it is not in our hands. 

The misery of having our devices robbed from us does not only constitute the loss of value. The second-hand threat is that the information that we have kept there might be accessed by the people who cause you trouble.

However, it wouldn’t go that far if you have been ready with the possibilities. if you do, then you have the power to secure the data on your lost device. Here are some:

Use the available enhanced security feature of the device

There are a lot of options that devices offer to secure your data. 

There are different types of lock screen passwords for first-level protection. You may use number pins or a pattern that is effective to some. However, breaching through this is just as easy when rebooting the device.

There are also types of features that will provide a high-security level of lock or data wipe. This will constitute after series of incorrect password PINS or pattern inputs on your device.

The erasure of data wouldn’t be a problem if you had set up your backup data. Uploading information through google drive, and iCloud, etc will assure you of information retrieval even after the loss of your device.

Employ encryption of your data

Data encryption is also a choice. Your information will be generated into non-readable outputs unless the device has been successfully unlocked. 

This is available on laptops and netbooks, too. However, you will be encrypting the whole disk for maximum protection just as other applications do. There is also a double encryption feature that is used by WhatsApp for an enhanced level of protection.

You may find this feature under the settings app and the security option.

Make device tracking possible

There are different ways on how to track your device. Both Android and IOS provide a tracking scheme, through the use of Google or Apple accounts.

You may distantly lock and erase the contents of the device if it is lost. Enabling it is a must.

Speaking of accounts, you may also log out of your device and change your passwords so that it wouldn’t be accessible to the person who stole your device. You may also reach out to your mobile carrier to stop the support or service of a plan that you are subscribed to. 

Disable and deactivate your device

If you won’t be able to have your device back one way or another, make sure that no more people may benefit from it.

Both the physical phone and the data that resides on the phone will be non-functional. The phone won’t be communicable, nor be tracked. Still, it can be your final effective card to protect your information.

One way that you may deactivate it is through taking note of your IMEI. An IMEI is a unique number assigned to your device. You may hand it over to the customer service of a certified brand branch for them to deactivate your lost/stolen device.

This way, you’ll be able to make sure that you are not the only one protected. But also the person this device might be sold to.

Before everything else, make sure you have already reported your loss of device to the authorities. Make sure to do follow-ups on banks and others concerning the available in your device.

We may never know what the future holds, so it is a must to be always ready. Protection and security have always been available to keep up with the advancements of data in the technology.

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