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Can a Multifunctional Printer Function Without a Computer?

Multifunctional printers are making waves in offices across the globe. They provide great quality printing and have other special functionalities designed to make tasks easier and for the employee to be able to do their work more efficiently. These devices are called multifunctional because they are able to perform a myriad of functions. Also referred to as MFP, this device or office equipment often has the incorporated functions of a printer, a copier, a scanner and sometimes even a fax machine. This means that functions or applications that used to take several machines to do can now be found in one nifty device. This means so much convenience and savings and overall just improves the workflow of any office.

But the functionality of this device does not end with its multifaceted uses, some of these machines are capable of connecting to an intranet or even the internet. This way the users can scan and save it directly into the office server or send it to another person via email. Because of this connective capability, the multifunctional printer does not need to be tethered to or connected to another machine, like a computer to be able to function.

Can Multifunctional Printer Function Without a Computer?

Here are some other ways that a multifunctional printer can function even without a computer attached to it.

  1. Using thumb drives for printing or saving documents. Most of these multifunctional printers are equipped with a thumb drive or USB slot or port which means you can access your files and have the printer do the function of the computer. You can choose to print the items directly or use the USB as a storage device where your scanned items can be saved directly.
  1. When copying documents. The act of copying or making duplicate copies of documents does not require the use of a computer. Here, the end user simply proceeds by placing the original or source material on the glass pane found at the top of the machine and pressing the settings for the copies that are about to be made. There is an option for coloured or grey-scaled copies and some machines even allow for the customization of paper size which will depend upon the requirement of the user. 
  1. Files are from mobile devices. Many workers nowadays are more comfortable using their mobile devices. The freedom they get from being able to walk around and travel to get from one location to the next is highly needed. This allows them to get inspiration and be more motivated to fulfil their work. It is therefore very convenient that many printers are capable of interacting with other mobile devices and not just computers. This flexibility allows the user to directly print from the device being used, whether it be a tablet or even from a mobile phone. Since many of these mobile devices have advanced functionalities, such as being able to create documents, art, and the ability to edit and review not just word documents but even presentations from various apps, being able to print these materials directly is such a value-added function. There will be no need to transfer files onto a computer in order to print them meaning the time spent working on these projects can be better utilized to achieve greater results.
  1. Printing can be done via Bluetooth. Having this Bluetooth adaptability feature is really great, especially in areas where the internet connection can be a little dodgy. The ability to transact and interact with the multifunctional printer via Bluetooth is, again, a great boost for productivity and convenience.

These multifunctional printers are great additions to any office space. Not only do they serve the primary functions of copying and printing, but all the other capabilities just simply make the workload a little lighter with having one less thing to worry about. It really is an invaluable and cost savings tool.

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