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The need for documents that contain the records of the transactions that men have conducted with one another have seen the rise of several machines that assist in this task. Printers were invented to provide the original of documents and photos while copiers appeared to provide multiple copies of a document or photo at a faster rate but cheaper cost than a printer. Another machine that has been invented is the scanner.

A scanner is a machine or device that scans a document through the use of optics and after the scanning process, the scanned document or photo is turned into a digital image or data. The document or photo that is converted into a digital data or image is a faithful copy of the scanned document. This makes it possible for copies of a document that are not available in its soft copy or original form to be saved and reproduced by other persons.

Scanners have several different types. Some of these are the Flatbed scanners, Sheet-fed scanners, Handheld scanners, Portable scanners, Multi – functional scanners and Specialized scanners. The type of scanner to be used will depend upon the purpose of the person scanning or the need for their businesses especially if the same is meant for copier leasing services.

The first type of scanner is what is usually called the Flatbed scanner. It is called a flatbed scanner because the scanning is made on a flatbed that has a surface that is usually made of glass. It also has a lid that is placed on top of the glass surface. The document to be scanned is usually placed face down on the glass surface and a rolling mechanism moves under the glass so that an image will be made. This is usually used when the document to be scanned is flat like photos and documents made of paper like books.

The second type of scanner is the sheet – fed scanner that is similar in look to a flatbed scanner but the document to be scanned is fed through a slit in the scanner. Instead of a moving beam like that which is found in the flatbed scanner, the document is moved through the beam so that the digital image or data can be acquired. The document is scanned one by one and this is the reason why this kind of scanner is usually used when the document to be scanned is composed of several loose sheets of paper.

The handheld scanners were made to allow for convenience to the user who is in the field or busy going from one place to another and has no time to stay for a long time in a single area. It is usually designed to look like a wand and scanning is performed by moving the devices slowly over the document to be scanned. The scanning is slow and the digital image that is created is usually of low quality.

Another scanner that has been invented for convenience and for people on the go is the portable scanner. Usually small in size and lightweight, it can be moved from one place to another with ease. These scanners use batteries that may be rechargeable. The digital image or data that is created when a document or photo is scanned using the portable scanner is stored in the scanner itself and will be transferred to another device only when the person scanning the document returns to the office or to his home. This kind of scanner can be found in businesses that involve copier leasing in Austin.

Multifunctional scanners are the new models of scanners that are considered as hybrids because they now have the capability to print or copy the scanned documents. The device usually uses a flatbed scanning area where the document or photo is placed face down so that a digital image can be made. Businesses nowadays prefer this form of scanner as it is more convenient and capable of doing several tasks at once. Copier leasing businesses usually have this device.

Another new design of scanner is the Specialty scanners which is not usual. These are scanners that are usually made to scan only certain documents and no other. Since they are made for the scanning of a certain kind of document or service only, the digital images or data that it generates is usually more efficient because these scanners also have a specialized software included in the device. Copier leasing services in Austin are usually equipped with these kinds of scanners.

Scanners are numerous these days but the changing needs of the customers have also seen the rise of newer designs that incorporate most of the required tasks related to document scanning. These scanners are also part of devices that are used for business like copier leases.

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