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Lexmark CX517de Color Review:  Fast Printing Speed Is Just One Of The Best Features

It is necessary that a company make the right purchase decisions, most especially when it comes to office equipment. Normally, copiers are an investment that a company wanted not only to function for copying or printing but as well as faxing, scanning, and anything else to support managing files and workflows. A company should ensure that what they are purchasing can develop with the volume needs of the business. It should have an affordable initial payment and would not bankrupt the business when buying a cartridge or maintaining a copier. That is why it is very important to choose the right copier model that has all the features to help boost office productivity.

Lexmark is known worldwide as one of the leading imaging and output technology solutions. They are involved in creating, manufacturing, and providing printing technology. One of their printing models is the Lexmark CX517de Color All-In-One copier which produces colour printing, scanning, and copying at the print speed of up to 32 pages per minute. This dependable multifunction is incorporated with gigabit networking, duplex scanning, advanced security, and mobile printing ability. It also has a 7 inches colour touchscreen and keypad to easily complete tasks. These are some of the features of CX517de that would greatly support the needs of a business.

The CX517de supports ensuring the business deliverables have a professional look with its colour-matching equipment and Pantone adjustments. Listed below are the best features of the Lexmark CX517de Color All-In-One copier.

Fast Printing Speed

CX517de is powered through projects with a printing speed that could go up to 32 pages per minute. The first colour page can be printed in as fast as 6.5 seconds. It has a powerful 800 MHz dual-core processor and a 3-Gigabyte memory to keep even heavy documents with images and graphics printed quickly.

Outstanding Serviceable

This CX517de is very convenient to use, easy to customize and has quick access to scan, copy, fax features, and pre-installed applications because of its 7 inches colour touchscreen. It brings great productivity that automates tasks, email forms, prints, and sends faxes with just one touch.

Well-Grounded Performance

The best thing about CX617de is that it can easily print 7,000 pages per month. Its cartridges can yield up to 8,000 black pages and 3,500 colour pages without the need to shake, which lessens interruptions and keeps the workflow productive. The office can save more time on the hassle of maintenance and guarantees print quality consistency for the duration of the cartridge lifespan. It also has an increased input tray capacity of up to 1,450 sheets, so there is no need to frequently add paper.

Print Anywhere and Anytime

CX617de boundless protocol and security features are created to secure the device, network, and information from unauthorized access. Now, anyone can print from any mobile device utilizing an optional Wi-Fi adapter or Lexmark’s mobile print application. The CX617de features an easy mobile scan and print and printer discovery also.

These are the best features of the Lexmark CX517de Color All-In-One copier, but of course, these awesome features that you can get in one copier will not be cheaper. If the company, especially for small businesses, cannot afford to purchase CX517de, then the best option is copier rental. Copier rental in Austin can permit the business to always be in line with the latest office technology such as the CX517de. Keeping away from obsolescence means more effective copying since the latest copier machines have lower per-page expenses. Efficiency means maximum profit and a greater return on the rental investment. The copier rental helps ease the initial payment and has many attractive benefits to the company.

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