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Small Business Copiers: 3 Best Models in the Market Today

Printing and copying are tasks small businesses have to do every single day. With the use of efficient office tools like memo pads, pens, and copy machines, productivity can really make a significant difference.

If you have 100 employees or less, your small business needs a multi-function copier that is sure to meet the needs of your employees at a price the office can afford. For owners, convenience, speed, and efficiency are essential for day-to-day tasks because this will allow for other important matters to be addressed. This is the reason why an efficient and reliable copier will come at hand.

Maybe you have reached out to a manufacturer or a local dealer and have a list of choices you want to research. Or you are just starting your search and are pushing for a more informed decision before making the final purchase.

What is the best-coloured copier for small businesses?

Slow performance and paper jams are the last things small businesses would want to deal with, especially with paperwork. Modern copiers are easy to use, efficient, and are sure to adjust to these problems. This office tool can also produce high-quality document copies.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable copier leasing service, hundreds of options are there in the market today for you to choose from. This post will be a buying guide, discussing several of the key features that any small business should consider before finally doing the purchase. Ultimately, the decision should come from the final list of the small business’s important needs.

  • Paper Capacity

The paper capacity of a printer is the number of pages its paper tray can accommodate.

  • Print Quality

Multifunction copiers can produce materials in either coloured or monochrome. This is an important factor to be considered because there are paper works that don’t have to be transmitted in colour forms.

  • Printing Speed

The speed sure will increase the office’s productivity, and thus help owners save time for more important tasks in the business. This factor will also be important if the machine will be used frequently by the staff.

·         High-yield toner cartridges and high-yield ink cartridges are the options you have today. Both last longers compared to old standard cartridges.

  • Connectivity

Having the ability to connect to this office tool through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other cloud-based application through your mobile device is another gold. Cable wires are important backups though.

Small Business Copiers: 3 Best Models in the Market Today

Three Printers that are Best for Small Office Use

Canon Advance DXC5840i Image Runner

Canon Advance DXC5840i Image Runner is the best office copier for small businesses today, carrying its most valuable feature: its reliability. This office device is the fastest in print times even for a variety of file types, which can include word, PowerPoint, excel sheets, and pdf. This can also hold above-average capacity for paper for a paper tray and is relatively fast in terms of copy-out speeds and scan speeds. While this Canon model is applauded for these wonderful features, many of its reviews also reveal two weaknesses that they’ve experienced when using this office device. First, there is no on-screen editing in its scan preview, and second, there is no search function ability to locate device settings and administrative tasks which is a common feature in most small office machines.

Rico IN19.0C4500

With its modern enhancement and features that highlight its world-renowned productivity, the Rico IN19.0C4500 is one of the best of this generation. Its best feature is its android-designed interface. Its overall performance also has been recommended to be the best for large to mid-sized copiers. In fact, small businesses find these RICO machines too robust for their capacity. Rico IN19.0C4500 has a fast-scanning speed because of its small colour files. It is also faster when compared to its counterpart in terms of first, copy time, and has a two-sided pass document feeder that will allow small businesses to lessen their original wear and tear. Like its Canon counterpart, Rico also has its set of weaknesses. Its copy and scan previews don’t support page removals and onscreen editing. It does perform slowly when copying booklets or printing its pages and its administrators do not carry update or configure settings, which is prone to potential inefficiency issues.

Sharp 18.75MX4071

An excellent choice for medium-sized and small workgroups, Sharp 18.75MX4071 carries an improved fast speed and reliability, which users can take advantage of, for better time efficiency. Sharp models are popular for their simple guides and intuitive maintenance that are valuable in keeping the machine’s operational life longer. For ????-fed issues, papers can be easily retrieved, and it has a simple-to-understand guide that anyone can follow. While Sharp 18.75MX4071’s image quality is superb, this is not the best machine to choose if you are in the marketing industry.

Three of Sharp 18.75MX4071’s best strengths are its fast-scanning speed for two-sided documents, above-average paper capacity, and two-sided large print jobs that are completed faster than its other counterparts. Its weaknesses on the other hand include limited help function in its user interface, below-average paper capacity, and non-intuitive print secure features.


For small businesses, the best copiers are those hard-working, reliable, and laser-focused. Copiers and printers nowadays, don’t just produce white paper materials with black inks. Modern copiers are now like central hubs for crucial tasks within an office. It is therefore correct to say that small businesses’ success rests highly on their functional high-quality copier machines. Always remember, however, that a great machine operated by a poor manufacturer or dealer team can also become a liability. In the same way, A copier lease in Austin that is serviced by an excellent team can also immediately become one of its assets.

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Choosing whom to trust for your manufacturer or dealer is an important decision to make. If you are too busy to do your own research for which copier machine to buy for your small business, you can call us and one of our representatives will streamline the best models for you and your needs.